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Our mission is to provide small and medium-sized businesses with access to Fortune 1000 quality Human Resources outsourcing, training and strategic advice those businesses who don’t wish to hire full-time employees for. Services include:

  • Installing virtual HR managers and directors
  • Our Optimal Workforce Builder
  • ​The Performance Maximizer Solution
  • ​Talent Acquisition And Recruiting
  • Enterprise Solutions
  • And for those ready to uplevel their leadership roles, we encourage you to ask about our Signature...

Why Symmetry?

With today’s technology and the new workplace, it doesn’t make sense to spend $100,000 or more on a full-time HR professional for your small or medium size business. Outsourcing HR provides you with targeted expertise and access to both on-and-off-site capabilities to help you select vendors... manage employee relations issues... ensure compliance with the numerous local, state and federal labor laws... and to proactively ensure the outstanding success of your workforce.

About Eric Swenson

Acknowledged as a leading expert on management and leadership, Eric Swenson is the Founder & Creator of Tanzanite Leadership Development. His work with businesses throughout North America has led to improved performance, stronger employee engagement, and greater customer satisfaction. He has conducted his cutting-edge leadership development programs before thousands of senior executives and managers, as well as first-time supervisors.

Eric has written two books: Managing People in the 21st Century and The 5 A’s of Great Employees, which became a best-seller in 2016. 17 years after publishing his first book,, it was updated and re-released as Managing People: The 2020 Edition in March, 2020. His newest book, Weaknesses, will be published in January, 2021.
​If you're looking for a way to hire top talent and build leaders from within to help you create a self-managing company, then get your hands on this amazing tool... 
Eric Swenson
CEO; Chief Leadership & Workforce Strategist
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